Monday, December 15, 2014

GAMES Club Scores High for Kids in Need

By Jess Cooper 

The people down at GAMES Club racked up points for charity at their most recent event, "Beat Your Maker." Held in the Gallagher Computer Lab, the club’s event aimed to raise money for Child’s Play, a charity that gives toys to children in need. At the event, gamers played games designed by Adelphi students. As they scored points on the games, names started going up on the leaderboards. Friendly competition and good fun ensued as players battled for playful bragging rights.

Don Hanson, the President of GAMES Club, was happy to speak about the makings of this event. “I said ‘Maybe we could do a fundraising table,’ and my vice president Chris Demartin came to us and said ‘I have this idea about 'Beat Your Maker.' We’ll make these games, and we’ll play them and match the donations.’”

The four games featured were developed by club members, and Hanson was enthusiastic about all the work put into making the designs a reality. “People have been working on these games since around mid-October. The first half of the semester was us teaching them how to use these tools, or assisting them. Then the latter half was basically open-lab, where they came in and worked on their project.” It was an enjoyable night, attended by people bound together by their love of games and the will to help kids in need. “I felt it was important to highlight our members’ work to faculty administration. It was really to show off their work, raise money towards a charitable organization, and get our members together and have some fun,” said Hanson.

He and the rest of GAMES Club raised $180.01 towards Child’s Play, showing that it really does pay to play.

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